Culture, community, creativity are at the heart of what I do. Each original piece of art is drawn by my own hands with love.

At Zalara Lane I invite you to look within, embrace your natural self, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and illumination.

I cater to those who dare to tread beyond the ordinary, those who do not merely color within the lines but add their own hues to the canvas of life.

Engaging with Zalara Lane is an experience that aims to positively affirm your identity, inspire your creativity, empower your spirit, and leave you excited for what's next.

At the core of Zalara Lane, I believe in the power of representation, the joy that stems from creativity, and the invisible threads of community that bind us all. With every stroke of color, I aim to create a world that is not only more inclusive and conscious, but also more connected.


At Zalara Lane I am committed to cultivating community through my products both internally and externally. This means fostering thoughtfulness, intentionality, and quality time with oneself, while also encouraging people to engage in positive and meaningful conversations.


Zalara Lane highly values culture as a key part of identity and pride. I see culture as a bridge to our heritage and collective identity, being a source of pride, self-expression, and affirmation.


At Zalara Lane, I value creativity as a cornerstone of our culture. Creativity fosters mental and emotional well-being, enabling us to envision new possibilities and innovate beyond boundaries.

Featured Products

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Self-Care Coloring Journal
Lane, Zalara
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To My Sisters
Lane, Zalara
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